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A journey of pleasure for all senses awaits the visitors to the Berlin Residence Concerts at Charlottenburg Palace. In addition to masterful compositions by Vivaldi, Pergolesi and Bach presented by the Berlin Residence Orchestra, the Berlin Marriott Hotel will offer a three-course menu of superb class that will enrapture the palate.
In the festive music program of baroque masterpieces, the mathematical precision of Bach compositions meets the virtuoso works of Vivaldi and the soulful melodies of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi. Three giants of the classics will vie for the favour of the audience and provide an exquisite selection of their best pieces for a royal concert experience in majestic surroundings.
Festive Dinner in a Royal Ambience
Contrast-rich yet indeed harmonious, the thematically coordinated menu is presented during the optional gala dinner at the concert. After a welcome by the Prussian Master of Ceremonies, the visitors can anticipate a menu creation from the kitchen of the Marriott in Berlin. In front of the impressive backdrop of the baroque palace, selected seasonal ingredients from the region will be brought together in three courses with perfect culinary handwork..
Berlin Residence Orchestra
The ensemble consists of well-known musicians, who interpret baroque and classical opera with a keen sense of the compositions from that era. In April 2016 the orchestra celebrated its tenth anniversary!
Unique locations
The exclusive gala dinners and baroque concerts of the Berlin Residence Concerts take place in unique locations of Palace Charlottenburg.
Charlottenburg Palace
Built in the late 17th century, Charlottenburg Palace is the biggest and most meaningful Palace complex of the former Brandenburg electors, Prussian kings and German emperors in Berlin. Today the Palace offers halls furnished true to original, impressive suites and
top-class art collections of outstanding masterpieces.
Great Orangery
The Great Orangery was built between 1709 and 1712 and served as a location for several festivities of the Prussian court. According to its tradition, the opulent light-flooded ballrooms of the Great Orangery are still providing the perfect setting for banquets, concerts and all kinds of events.
New Wing (White Hall)
The new wing as an eastern, independent completion of the Palace was nearly destroyed during the Second World War. Extensively reconstructed today, the Palace holds the unique highlight of the prestigious ballroom that Friedrich the Great had personally inaugurated as White Hall in 1742. The space formerly used as a dining room promises a royal flair and first-class acoustics while the Berlin Residence Orchestra performs on selected dates.
5:30 pm  Admission to the dinner
6:00 pm  Dinner start
7:30 pm  Admission to the concert hall
8:00 pm  Concert start

• Dinner 6:00 pm (optional) | Concert 8:00 pm
• Tolle Geschenkidee: Gutschein kaufen!

• Dauer: 180 Minuten
• Vorbereitung: 30 Minuten

• Conzert - category B: 45 €
• Dinner & Conzert - category B: 84 €

Bitte beachten:
- Dinner 6:00 pm (optional) | Concert 8:00 pm
- Entrance 30 minutes prior the dinner or concert

Important: Visitors who book the dinner please come sooner!

If you prefer the vegetarian menu, please mention this in the booking comment.

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